We’re driving Sprinters in our dreams.

We ordered the van…in May

So now we wait…

But, while we wait, I’d love to tell you how this dream started (for me at least).

It all started in March, at a truck stop in Reno, blowing up air mattresses in the back of the car…two kids with a dream.  Climb Vegas.  Abandoning the familiar for adventure. This would be car camping at it’s finest.  Or, what would be considered, cramped, cold, and slightly unsafe.

Paps and I had tossed around the idea of a Sprinter and how cool it would be to own one.  We could climb and have the convenience of home in the back of a cargo van.

Then came our second trip to Vegas.  We drove the 17 hours, slept in the back of the Subaru in Reno. (Note:  He camped out in the back of the Subaru in January.  In Montana.)  Below, you’ll find the picture he captured of me the next morning (puffy eyes and angry) huddled in a sleeping bag.

We climbed for a few days. Paps led a 5 pitch trad route and we did a few other climbs.  While at the campground we spent a night barely escaping suffocation while holding the tent down from the gale force desert winds.  It was also 28 degrees when we got INTO the tent.

Besides that…I’m always cold.

One evening after a wonderful day of climbing we were driving back from Jason’s Deli.  We saw many conversion vans parked at various camp sites throughout the campground.  Envy ran through our veins as we crept by each van.  “Mama D!” he said, “I bet there is so much room in there that they’re slow dancing!”  While the thought of two dirtbags slow dancing in the back of the sprinter van seemed unlikely, I quickly replied…”We have to get one of those if we are going to keep traveling and climbing!”

So this April, while my  mom and niece were visiting the great pacific northwest, I got a phone call, “Mama D, on your way home from Seattle can you stop by Portland and pick me up, I just sold my truck!”  We live 2 hours from Portland, and Portland adds 2 more hours to a return from Seattle.

Awesome.  We haven’t had a second car since then (except for the kindness of some good friends who have supplied us with a temporary vehicle while they live out their Sprinter Dreams).

So there ya go:  In May we ordered the new Ford Transit which made it’s debut in Europe long before coming here.  Paps has already started to build the “Double D AdVANture Mobile”.  Blood, sweat and tears are being poured into this van.  The blood and sweat his…the tears are mine.  I’ll give you more details later but for now I’ll leave you with some photos of this past year to get you started.

To our family and friends..this blog is for you.  Because we know that you are interested in the building of this van and the adVANtures it will entail.

~Mama D


Angry morning at the truck stop


4th pitch! Cat in the Hat (Vegas is in the background)


Paps FINALLY using one of his awesome birthday presents (the sun hat under the helmet). Rappelling from an awesome day of climbing.

Car Camping at it's finest

Car Camping at it’s finest – Paps ice climbing in Bozeman.  It was 15 degrees at night.

Vegas, at Moscalito...at least one of us is excited

Vegas, at Moscalito…at least one of us is excited

Cold days, call for warm vans.

Cold days, call for warm vans.

Birth of a dream

Birth of a dream

Man gear for this adventure

Man gear for this adventure

Sneak peak of a late night in a

Sneak peak of a late night in a “busy” garage


2 thoughts on “We’re driving Sprinters in our dreams.

  1. We are so very proud of the both of you!! I can’t wait to see how well Dad and I fit in the tandem spot when we travel with you!! We will have to remember to pack out slippers!! Love you- Be safe! Mom & Dad


  2. Years ago when we first moved to Colorado, Ed and I had a conversion van to aid our extended outdoor adventures with pups in tow. We then upgraded to small vintage campers, which he now renovates for a living. We are nomadic by nature. No matter where we end up, we will ALWAYS have the need for a home on wheels. It’s motivation to get out there! Have fun you two!!


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