Let the adventures begin! (And the building continue)

The adventure van at Smith Rock Oregon

The adventure van at Smith Rock Oregon

There has bee a lot of work done in the last couple of weeks.  A lot of hard work is still going on and will continue to go on.  While we are definitely underway in the “adventure van”, we are still tripping over tools, working out kinks, figuring out storage, wiring batteries, and trying to keep the cabinet doors from flying open when we turn left.

The beginning of the building of cabinets.

The beginning of the cabinet build.

We purchased cabinets from Home Depot.  The first cabinet set was 60 inch oak bathroom cabinets which Paps cut 5 inches out of the sides to make a 24 inch cabinet 19 inches deep (decreased the amount of marital spats when it comes to personal space).  The second set of cabinets were two 30 inch oak overhead cabinets.  He cut one of them apart and did a rebuild to make a 48 inch overhead cabinet.


Test…test,  I see a place to put the shoes.

Cabinets all day!

Cabinets all day!

Other adjustments have been lowering the bed 4 inches. It now sits on the supports for the slide out gear tray.  The weight of the bed and frame hold the floor down when we pull the tray out of the van.  We took down the paneling on the roof so we have a sweet chrome mood at night. Then, we added batteries and inverter.  The batteries are two 6 volt, 205 Ah, AGM, deep cycle, (golf cart) batteries wired in series to make a 12 volt system…(Whaaaa???).  This allows us all kind of freedom in the voltage world. We have over a 1000W of AC power (two wall outlets so I can blow dry my bangs).

Before we lowered the bed.

Before we lowered the bed.

The touches I enjoy are…heated mattress pad, heated blanket, remote control candles.

Today, while in Bend, we had fittings installed in the water tank by Jerry’s RV service.

And for now….I think that is all.  I’ve spent the majority of my time under the bed trying to organize.  Oh and leading a 5 pitch climb in 45mph winds…I was so cold, and Paps was proud of me for not giving up.

Paps sending the second pitch of first kiss.

Paps sending the second pitch of First Kiss.

Hanging out on a ledge

Hanging out on a ledge


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