The last few….

Sunny Days....

Sunny Days….

I’m behind.  It’s hard to keep up when you have a job, family visiting, lots of driving…and well…life.

I’m going to combine two of the Smith Rock weekends into one.  The first weekend was Paps and Mama D.  And well, there weren’t really any pictures.  We climbed some 10s and that’s about it.  Ate really good food, slept in the van.

The second trip, Paps had to work for the weekend, so I took Titus and met the Holzeman’s and their friend to climb.

Hanging in the van post climbing.

Hanging in the van post climbing.

Rob (above left) has recently written guidebooks on bouldering in the PNW.  They are fantastic.  His brain is a blast to pick.  Also, there is his wife Jess (seen in the middle). She’s an awesome climber, full of energy and a doctor in Vancouver, WA.  Then there is their friend David.  He’s from the east coast.  A business owner, just hanging out for the weekend.  Why I say all of this is because it’s awesome to see people passionate about climbing and being outdoors when they have a busy life and other responsibilities.

So…we climbed!



Screaming Yellow Zonkers, 100′, 5.10b

Rob and Jess chilling.

Rob and Jess chilling

A busy day on wherever I may roam.

A busy day on Wherever I May Roam.

Rob took some awesome pictures of me leading.

Rob took some awesome pictures of me leading.

Beautiful sunset with Monkey's Face in the foreground.

Beautiful sunset with Monkey’s Face in the foreground.



Pretty pink rope.



Me on Double Trouble

Me on Double Trouble

If you are interested in guidebooks, check out Rob’s company: Next Ascent


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