Happy Trails and Wagging Tails (Summertime Flashback). 

Trango and Paps relaxing at Helen's Dome

Trango and Paps relaxing at French’s Dome

Summertime got away without a chance to post much.  We had some fun this summer; both worked a lot and rebuilt the van!  I will post more on that later.  With all the rain here, maybe I’ll have time to work on the blog.

I’m going to summarize summertime with a quick blog and many pictures.  There were many micro adventures in this blog post and a lot of friends!

Trip one (see photo above).  Paps flew in late one night with plans to drive to Smith to Climb for the weekend.  Trango and I hung out in Portland to pick him up.  The flights came in later than we thought so we spent the weekend between Portland and Mt Hood with Trango Pup (TP).

This turned out to be good development for her.  We hiked the Salmon River Trail.  She had her first river experience.  And we climbed at French’s Dome, which allowed for uninterrupted training on how to be a “CragDog.”

Dat face though...waiting to pick Pappy D up at the airport.

Dat face though…waiting to pick Pappy D up at the airport.

TP what are you doing?

TP, what are you doing?

TP and dad out on a limb

TP and dad out on a limb…Paps working on “fear training”

My baby!

My baby!

A little concerned

A little concerned…but brave!

Cutest face out on a hike

Cutest face, out on a hike (at least both ears are up!)

Pooped pup

One pooped pup

Crag dog in practice.

Crag dog in practice.

Dad and baby.

Dad and baby.


Trip Two consisted of hanging out in Bend for a few days and climbing at Smith with friends.  Trango continued to develop good behavior at the “crag” and we had some awesome and supportive friends along the way.  And a whole lotta fun!  We were joined by Heather and Jason, Moriah and Brent, and Phil!  Oh, and in between all of these trips, we had a fan installed in the van so we wouldn’t suffocate!  Well, Paps still worries about moisture (rust) in the van and makes it safe for us to leave Trango in the van at a wider temperature range.

Smith Rock, watching Trango grow.

The Family.

Friendships are what make life go round 🙂

TP hiding from the sun.

Warming up on Irreverence.

Great capture by Heather! How many married couples get their photos taken like this?!


Brent, a good sport, watching us climb.


Daniel on some random 5.10


TP explaining how she has been a good girl and wishes to go play now.

Camping with friends.


Did I mention we have a fan now?!

Trip Three consisted of just me…no Paps, meeting up with Moriah to climb.  Moriah brought along a couple of friends and we spent a couple of hot, quick days climbing. Trango also had her first tent experience (it didn’t last all night, but she made up for it later with a few good nights in a tent with Paps and me in the front yard!).


Strong Women Climbing


Jenna leading Snuffy Smith (left), Moriah about to rappel from something on the peanut.


Pup Tent?

Thanks for the pictures and memories from some good friends.  @heather_anne_87, @_windwalker_


Until next time…


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